Home Buying Checklist

Whether your dream home is new construction or existing home, it helps to know what to look for, and have a plan. 
The list below and your Coldwell Banker-affiliated agent will help you conduct a home search, negotiate, and close on a new home.

– Get pre-approved for a mortgage, check your credit report, type of mortgage, shop for best rates and programs.

– Determine your wants and needs: the style of home, size, price, location, etc.

– Seek out a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Realtor. Compare the services of different agents and look for good personal chemistry.

– Check out the neighborhoods, schools, crime rate, traffic, zoning, and commuting distance.

– Rely on your Coldwell Banker agent’s expertise and resources.

– Do the due diligence and research on your property of interest.

– Visit or have your agent visit the town or city hall to learn of any zoning changes, liens, easements, or other restrictions.

– Have your sales associate prepare a property value study, and ask the seller if there are any other offers and his motivation for selling, deadlines, etc.

– Conduct home inspections and other inspections.

– Prepare your offer and negotiate.

– Take advantage of the inspection contingencies in your offer and get thorough inspections to eliminate any surprises after you move in.

– Use the inspection report to renegotiate, if necessary.

– Conduct final negotiations.

– Do a walk-through inspection prior to closing.

– Visit your new home one last time before sitting down at the closing table to make sure everything is as you expect it to be.

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